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Satellite Finder PRO (Dishpointer)

Satellite Finder PRO (Dishpointer)

Satellite Finder PRO (Dishpointer)

Satellite Finder PRO (Dishpointer)

Satellite Finder PRO (Dish Pointer) is a satfinder mechanical assembly which will: 

Help you to set up dish wherever. 

Helps course of action of satellite dish recieving wires using extended reality. 

Give you LNB tilt for your zone (in light of GPS). 

Perform assignments as satellite boss. 

This satfinder has furthermore worked in compass which will help you with finding fitting satellite azimuth. 

This satfinder uses developed reality to show the circumstance of satellites on camera observe. 

Procedures all characteristics vital to change dish radio wire. 

This Dish Pointer supports you point your dish with in any event issue. 

A navigational instrument called gyrocompass is used to correctly search for the course of geographic. 

This dishpointer application urges you to alter your satellite dish reliant on your region and the picked satellite. 

This satellite pioneer application shows you bearing in which you are going alter your satellite dish. In perspective on your region the going with satellites are available: 

ABS 2 


Al Yah 1 

Amazonas 1 

Amazonas 2 

AMC 10 

AMC 2 

AMC 21 


Americas 13 

Eutelsat 9B and KA-Sat 

Badr 4/5/6/7 

Eutelsat 36B and Express 

Paksat 1R 

Express AM 7 

Turksat 3A/4A 

Afghansat 1 

Al Yah 1 

Express AM6 

Anik F1 

Anik F1R 

Apstar 6 

Arabsat 2B 

Arabsat 5C 

Arsat 1 


Astra 19,2E 

Astra 1D 

Astra 2A 

Amos 4 

Intelsat 17 

Intelsat 20 

Eutelsat 70B 

ABS 2 

Astra 5B 

Astra H 

Astra M 

AzerSpace 1 



Belintersat 1 

Brasilsat B4 


Chinasat 10 

Chinasat 6B 

Ciel 2 

DirectTV 5 

DirectTV 7S 

Measat 3 and Sundirect 

Insat 3A/4B and Gsat 15/Sundirect 

NSS6/Dish Tv India 

Asiasat 5/Dish Tv India Hd 

Dish 500 

Echostar 1 

Es'hail 1 

Estrela do Sul2 

Eutelsat 10A 

Eutelsat 113 West A 



Eutelsat Hot Bird 

Yamal 402 

NSS 12 

Intelsat 33E 

Intelsat 906 

Eutelsat 21B 

Eutelsat 36 WestA 

Eutelsat 36B 

Eutelsat 3B 

Eutelsat 5 West A 

Eutelsat Hot Bird 13D 

Express AM44 

G-SAT 10 

World 14 

Apster 7 

Thaicom 5 

Insat 4A and Gsat 10 

ST2 and Videocon Dth 

Yamal 401 

World 28 

World 3C 

Hellas Sat 3 

Horizons 2 

Hot Bird 13B/C/E 

Insat 4A 

Intelsat 10-02 

Intelsat 20 

Intelsat 22 

Asiasat 7 

SES 7/Airtel 

Palapa D 



Intelsat 29e 

Intelsat 33e 


Ka-Sat 9A 

KazSat 2 

Koreasat 7 

LaoSat 1 

Measat 3 


N-Sat 110 

NigComSat 1R 

Nimiq 6 

NSS 6 

NSS 6Papala D 

QuetzSat 1 

Rascom QAF 1R 

SES 1 

SES 14 

SES 9 

Sirius 4 

Sirius XM 3 Radio 

Sirius XM 4 Radio 

Sky Brasil 1 

Spaceway 2 

ST 2 

Star One C-1 

STKSat 1 

Superbird C2 

Telestar 11N 

Telstar 12/12V 

Thaicom 8 

Thor 3 

Thor 5 

Thor 7 

Túpac Katari 1 

Vinasat 1 

Yamal 401 

Yamal 402 

Additional FEATURES? Three extra profitable features: 

Live Earth Map: This Live Earth Map has the four viewpoint on earth like Normal view, Hybrid view, Satellite view and Terrain view to 

give you an unrivaled understanding of the spots. It moreover demonstrated the traffic stream. 

AR-Display: You will get a champion among the best extended reality advancement up until this point. Demonstrate your phone's camera look at all open satellites for your region logically. Essentially tap (AR Display) catch of home window. 

Biss Key Finder: This component is for fast search for biss keys of encoded satellite stations. The keys get revives normally. 

Well ordered directions to use this application: 

1. All you have to do to guarantee that the web affiliation and GPS in your phone is turned on. 

If you have to get best exactness in zone – you should be outdoors, or if nothing else approach a window; 

2. Select the perfect Satellite by tapping on Satellite Finder Button, by then Satellite Name and snap on Search bar close to the end. A summary of sattelite 

will appear to pick your optimal one. You will get azimuth of your picked Satelite with latitute and longitude decided for your zone. 

3. Under decided characteristics there is a gyrocompass with graphical depiction of azimuth point. The azimuth point is resolved with appealing inclination. 

Remember – each time you use gyrocompass – you should change it. 


This satfinder application uses your phone sensor to get your azimuth so satellite position check depends upon the precision of your flexible sensors.

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