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Satellite Finder with GPS Director

Satellite Finder with GPS Director

Satellite Finder with GPS Director

That is hard to discover a TV Satellite with radio wire in azimuth troublesome. Heaps of time spends to locate an appropriate TV Satellite since in excess of 280 TV satellites are accessible so it is excruciating to discover explicit satellite. 


Need to discover exact area with your radio wire so you need to require a good compass with your gadget so you discover your TV satellite with compass azimuth is the best FREE application for discoverer. 

You need a genuine compass since some of compass is absolutely phony and futile so you have to discover precise incentive with this compass so utilize genuine and exact find of compass. 

Nature of Accuracy 

Need to precise incentive for satellite you have to take a few measures with your Android cell phone. 

Expel any spread on your telephone 

Packaging is impact of estimation 

Metal and other thing that spread the gadget evacuate it 

Endeavor to take estimation outside the room or close to the window 

This is the best taking of estimation. 

How it Works 

It works with compass conduct. You have to precise with best GPS Location with the best exactness and the pointer cursor and step need to take precise estimations with the best and precise area. You move your reception apparatus with the assistance of pointer and GPS azimuth. 

Additional Features 

Satellite dish recieving wire setting is accessible 

Enlarged reality 

Selectable sound tone 

Camera review 

Shading Picker 

Taking Screenshots 


You get all the satellite reception apparatus estimations from Agi's database. This database contain the data of all satellite taking a shot at TV arrange so this is the best database and you get the data from this database. 

Close Places 

Find with the assistance of this application and the assistance of GPS you locate the adjacent spots and your preferred spots for your assistance and spare your time. 

Current Location 

Spare your present area and send your area by means of mail content back rub and offer via web-based networking media. 

GPS Status 

With the Help of setfinder application you check your GPS status and right your GPS status. 

Dish Pointer 

You can get the precise situation of your application with the assistance of Dish pointer and set your radio wire with cursor development. 

Cautioning: cautioning of application client is that you can utilize the application and figure estimations so you can expel all metals on your portable and evacuate packaging and any material spread your cell phone. A few varieties happen like attractive varieties and so on. 

Satellite position got from Agi's database. So a few computations are appears not exact but rather its precise estimation.

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