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How to Troubleshoot any Hardware Problems With any Satellite Decoder/Receiver

How to Troubleshoot any Hardware Problems With any Satellite Decoder/Receiver

How to Troubleshoot any Hardware Problems With any Satellite Decoder/Receiver

How to Troubleshoot any Hardware Problems With any Satellite Decoder/Receiver

Satellite Set-top-boxes additionally is known as decoders/recipients and have a considerable amount of equipment issues simply like each other electronic gadget. Tragically, because of the strength of the Chinese in the assembling of these decoders, we are looked with some quality control issues. It has turned into a standard now for clients to have satellite recipients equipment issues. I Prevention they state is superior to a fix. This post will broadly examine preventive measures while likewise favoring answers for individuals right now encountering satellite beneficiaries equipment issues. By equipment issues, I mean issue because of the physical segments of the decoder. Besides, the tips here would be valuable for each satellite decoder(including android television boxes) paying little heed to its image. Consequently this guide will work for satellite organization marked beneficiaries like Dish TV, Direct TV Dstv, mytv, Canaplus official decoders, beIN decoders, TStv, TvSat, startimes and any official decoder around the world. Clearly, this additionally works for nothing to air decoders just as FTA combo decoders.

When am through, you should have learnt a couple of things about the investigating, causes, fixes and aversion of satellite beneficiaries equipment issues. Not just that, you will likewise find out about the consideration and upkeep of satellite decoders. 

Important is the way that neighborhood satellite television organizations have their own marked decoders and they offer guarantees on them. For instance, if your DStv decoder is harmed from a deficiency that isn't yours, you are qualified for a free substitution. On the off chance that you ever harm your decoder, your DStv vendor will enable you to fix while you pay a token. In any case, we as a whole know its preferred not to have issues over having issues and searching for arrangements. Along these lines these tips will be helpful for all types of collectors and set-top-boxes.

Symptoms & Causes of Satellite Decoders Hardware Problems & how to Troubleshoot Them

What are the signs that you will see when your decoder begin creating equipment issues? While I will attempt and be careful with this, my rundown may not be comprehensive. Pay special mind to the followings that spells equipment inconvenience for your decoder. 

  • Picture contortion 

At the point when your photos abruptly begin to shred or get twisted, you should realize this is an equipment issue. In the mean time, make sure to initially separate any issues with your TV. I will prompt you first attempt and test if your TV is alright. To do this, you can interface your TV to other media players, for example, DVD player, Blu-beam player or different decoders. 

  • Flashing pictures 

This is the point at which your image is temperamental and hopping. To investigate, apply the strategies above. This is additionally an equipment issue. You additionally should make sure one or a portion of the catches on your remote control unit isn't Stuck/discouraged. 

  • At the point when your Picture is solidified and the Buttons on your Remote and the decoder isn't reacting 

By and large, this is likewise an equipment related. Be that as it may, the issue can be activated by a product issue. The most straightforward solution(pray it works however) is to closed down your decoder by expelling it from the power source and restart it. In the event that it is only a glitch, your decoder will have returned to typical. On occasion, it may be the case that your remote sensor is harmed. 

  • What to do when your Decoder's Remote Control Stops Working 

Now and again, your remote control may quit working and decline to work with your decoder. This can be an exceptionally baffling background as your decoder's full usefulness is reliant on the remote. To investigate this issue completely, get another remote of indistinguishable specs from yours and use it with your recipient. On the off chance that it works with it, at that point your collectors are protected. In any case, on the off chance that another remote neglects to work, at that point your recipient may be the guilty party. If you presume your decoder, get another decoder of the careful model and test it with your remote. Presently in case observe the reasons for a decoder's remote that quits working. 


= Your remote control's battery is level or frail. 

= Maybe you or your children have dropped your remote control unit a few times and you have made harm its circuit load up or lens(censor). 

= There is fluid harm to your remote. 

  • Answers for a decoders remote that quits working 

=> Always show signs of change your decoder's remote batteries as at when due. Never permit the sulfuric acid's/synthetic to spill into your unit before you supplant the terrible batteries 

=>Don't enable your children to deal with your remote or else they can either split it or top it off with their salivation. Both are terrible cases. 

=>Finally, don't be enamored with dropping your remote, else, you will in the end harm it. 

=>Buy a unique trade for your remote once you have affirmed that it is harmed hopeless. Try not to fix, supplant. 

  • At the point when your Decoder isn't Producing any stable 

I would state this is to a greater degree an equipment issue than programming on. To investigate, guarantee you have messed with your television or beneficiary's sound settings. Is it accurate to say that you are certain you haven't squeezed the "quiet" catch on either the beneficiary or TV? Check if your outside speakers associated with your television or recipient isn't off. All that being stated, did you as of late play out any product redesign on your decoder or television? When you have cross-checked the majority of the abovementioned, at that point you can investigate the decoder by checking the link that is interfacing the recipient to the yield sound framework. At long last, if everything else comes up short, take it to an electronic specialist to enable you to check the sound IC. 

  • At the point when your Decoder Suddenly begin to Display "No or BAd Signal" Irrespective of the Satellite 

Most importantly, control off your decoder and hold up 10 minutes and restart it. In the event that the issue perseveres, check if the climate is clear outside or it is blustery. Besides, you can likewise check with another decoder or your sat discoverer. Thusly, in the event that another decoder has flag, at that point any of coming up next isn't right with the first decoder. 1. your LNBf is awful, 2. Your coaxial link is serious, 3. Who knows, you may likewise be having a fractional contact with your F-connector. At long last, and the best of the issues is if your"decoder's tuner is done for. 

What as a rule cause flag misfortune issues on is the climate, If there has as of late been a rainstorm, thunder may have struck your LNBf and this has reflected through your tuner. 

Aside from this, sun extra time renders a coaxial link powerless. at the point when this occurs, it begins to break down and begin losing signal 
  • Your Decoder begins to Shock you notwithstanding when it is Powered off 

When you get an electric stun at whatever point you contact your decoder, at that point we have just a single guilty party. The LNBf has no waterproof top and accordingly, water has entered through it right to the decoder's tuner. This stun will die down when the water in the link evaporates. In any case, ensure you take care of the uncovered LNF or LNB link so as to avert a reoccurrence. 

  • At the point when a Decoder enters boot circle or restarts itself Randomly 

This issue can be outlined in three points 

I. overheating because of poor ventilation inside the room the decoder is introduced 

ii. You have associated a web modem that isn't perfect or one with a poor association 

iii. Awful programming update 

iv. Utilizing a degenerate USB stockpiling drive on your decoder can likewise cause this. 
  • Disk FULL Erro on Some PVR Decoders 

At the point when your PVR decoder with an inner hard plate does this, attempt and go to settings to erase undesirable spared media. In the event that this occurs with a FTA decoder with an outer stockpiling drive associated with it, do well by erasing the undesirable record or disengage the tricky drive and you will be fine. 

  • At the point when the Decoder/Receiver is on however no Pictures on the TV Screen 

This specific satellite beneficiaries equipment issue happens because of wrong or contradictory overhaul programming. The decoder is exchanged on however it isn't showing anything just the red backup light is on or you got just "0000″/"- – - " or "stacking" on the LCD of the decoder. 

Likewise, an awful or fizzled programming update can trigger this. Unfortunately, on certain decoders, for example, qsat, T-interface alphabox, this can harm the presentation IC. On Qsat, this can be brought about by the "precious stone oscillator IC" 
  • At the point when your Decoder boots up completely get you don't comprehend the characters on the Display 

The decoder boots however shown amusing characters or guides you to reset the decoder and you can't move beyond the heap page: This is 100% Software issue and you need full reestablish to recover your gadget. by and large pc loader reestablish.

Prevention of  Satellite Receivers Hardware Problems

  • Utilize a Surge Protector or A Stepdown Transformer 

For one thing, it would be ideal if you in the event that you are utilizing any cutting edge electronic gadget, you will concur with me that they accompany delicate and fragile chips. Continuously utilize a "progression down transformer", an UPS, or a decent "flood defender" for all your electronic gadgets. I will sincerely exhort you use Either ups or a stage down transformer. A decent focal flood defender is likewise best. 
  • Also. Turn off you Decoder and separate if from the Wall Sockets 

At the point when thunder strikes, only fueling off your electronic gadgets may not be sufficient to spare it from equipment harm. If you don't mind dependably attempt to disengage your decoder and TV from the divider attachment amid a windstorm. Lighting and thunder and solid breeze are on the whole joined, when you see one, don't trust that the harm will happen before expelling the attachments of your hardware. 

Summarily, it would be ideal if you constantly separated your gadgets when you won't be around for some time particularly amid the down-pouring season when we generally have substantial thunder and lighting. 
  • Thirdly, For clients of authority decoders, it would be ideal if you generally attempt and overhaul or acknowledge to update your decoder when you are certain that there won't be a power disappointment. 
  • Besides, Don't control on and utilize your Decoders with a flimsy Power Source 

At the point when there is overvoltage or under-voltage, utilize your decoder with a decent stabilizer or don't utilize it by any stretch of the imagination. On the off chance that your producing set is yielding precarious voltage, if it's not too much trouble control off your decoder. Inability to do this can make serious harm your decoder's parts. Kindly don't utilize your delicate gadgets with it. Better still use them with a stage down transformer. Likewise, ensure you abstain from utilizing an Automatic voltage controller popular;y known as stabilizers in Nigeria with any generator that is equivalent to or beneath 1500kva. 
  • Maintain a strategic distance from any structure Liquid Damage from Coming in contact with your decoder 

Guide against water or any fluid from getting into your decoder gadgets. It can make it begin stunning you or cause harm to your decoder. At the point when this occurs, if you don't mind shut down the unit totally and dismantle. tidy up the fluid with a delicate fabric and let the gadgets to be air-dried. try not to put it under direct daylight and don't utilize any electronic gadget that has been submerged or that has obliged any fluid.

  • Keep dust from gathering into Your Decoder 

It is appropriate that you don't enable residue to aggregate inside your gadget. On the off chance that you enable this to occur, you might open the gadget to overheating. 
  • At the point when your gadget is been refreshed either "OTA" or physically by means of USB, kindly don't enable capacity to go off on it. this is significant as it is the reason for most programming issues for electronic gadgets including cell phones 
  • Try not to drop the decoder or its remote inability to submit to this counsel can harm both of the gadgets 
  • Abstain from associating degenerate or inconsistent outer gadgets to your Decoder 

If it's not too much trouble and kindly, don't interface contrary outer gadgets to your decoder. Additionally, don't leave unused outer gadgets associated with your gadget uncertainly. 

What's more, don't interface numerous outside drives/gadgets to your decoder at the same time in the event that they are not valuable for the everyday task of the decoder. E.G a few people will interface a hard plate, a USB 3g dongle, a wifi connector and a LAN link to a similar decoder. Why not pick one best web convention and let others go since you can't utilize everything all the while. Likewise, why leave a capacity gadget associated with your decoder when you ain't utilizing it? 
  • Before I continue, you should realize that some product issue may prompt equipment issues e.g, in the event that you are refreshing your decoder and there is a power flood, it might harm your decoder's capacity pack and in the event that you are not fortunate it might harm your board also. 
  • unplug all the AC control link from the MAIN SOCKET 

For all decoders (most particularly t-connect decoders) to maintain a strategic distance from harms to your gadget through thunder please when you are viewing your decoder and it is raining intensely with lighting and thunder, if it's not too much trouble turn off your decoder and unplug all the AC control link from the MAIN SOCKET. Indeed you heard me right don't simply turn off the decoder in a raging and roaring precipitation it probably won't help unplug the gadget and in the event that you even seen that the thunder proceeds; expel your LNB links from the back of your decoders. When you do this, you are strengthened. 
  • Continuously place your gadget in a well-ventilated condition 
  • Try not to utilize a temporary or a harmed power link with your decoder if your capacity string is broken change it with the first one. 
  • Likewise, Make beyond any doubt you place your gadget on a smooth surface on a level plane. Try not to put overwhelming things on your decoder. 
  • Likewise, don't utilize your decoder where there is dampness, or where the temperature is excessively high or in direct daylight. 
  • At long last, don't relocate your decoder from an amazingly hot condition to an incredibly chilly condition to dodge buildup. 

I previously discussed the impact of neglecting to deal with your gadgets. presently released me to the arrangements. The arrangements are under two classes. Equipment fix and programming fix. 
  1. Answers for equipment disappointment or shortcomings. On the off chance that the equipment issue is one that you can't fathom by means of a basic restart, you will require the master to investigate it. On the off chance that you claim a marked decoder, if it's not too much trouble take it to an approved seller closest to you. For independent decoders, take it to a satellite designer or a gifted PC equipment engineer. 
  2. For Software issues, if the decoder's menu is as yet available. completing a processing plant reset from inside the decoder's menu can take care of the issue. Be that as it may, if your gadget is unavailable, please you will require a full hard reestablish which by and large ought to be taken care of for you by specialists. By and by, for any issues on fix on any marked decoder, take it to the vendor. Let me additionally rapidly had this; if your gadget is under guarantee, kindly don't mess with it, take it to the dealer for a guarantee fix.

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