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1506tv SCW2 HD Receiver New Software Download

1506tv SCW2 Software

1506tv SCW2 Software

1506tv SCW2 HD Receiver New Software Download - 1506tv receiver is a new model in the market. If you want to download 1506tv New Software then you are in the right place. 1506tv receiver is the most popular receiver. 1506tv New Software Download from this article in very easily. The size of this 1506tv New Software is 4 MB. I assure in this post you will find all the information about 1506tv New Software. SuperMax SMX 2 Prada Mini HD Receiver New Software. SuperMax SM X1 Gold Mini HD Receiver New Software Download.

1506tv New Software Info:
  • Hardware Version: 1506tv
  • Software Version: SCW2 V10.01.19-2
  • Build Date: 20/02/2020
  • Build Time: 12:45:48
  • 4MB Software

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