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MediaStar 4MB Software for GX6605S 5815 & HW203

MediaStar 4MB Software

If you are a MediaStar Receiver user and want to download MediaStar 4MB Software for GX6605S 5815 & HW203, then you are in the right place. In this post, I will share MediaStar 4MB New software 2021 with full details such as receiver info and software information. And you can download the latest software from our website.

MediaStar 4MB Software

MediaStar 4MB New Software Info:

  • Model ID: MediaStar
  • Hardware Version:
  • Software Version: V1.8.9
  • CCCam OK
  • MGCam OK
  • YouTube Working
  • IPTV Available
  • Wifi Supported 5370 & 7601
  • Upgrade or Downgrade By USB
  • Supported All GX6605S HW203 & 5815 4MB Series 

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